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  • Dan Levine (Thursday, July 12 12 09:39 pm EDT)

    Katy has been working with me for some time now using Skype.  While I'm sure that Katy is just as phenomenal a teacher in person, I don't live in the St. Louis area, so for me, Skype is the best
    way.  Katy is extremely accommodating to my schedule and with Skype, we can meet anywhere, at almost any time.  Using the program, we are able to work on all aspects of the language
    learning process - from basic instruction, written elements, pronunciation and reading using audio and, if desired, video face-to-face instruction.  Katy is an incredibly knowledgeable, patient
    and highly-skilled teacher.

    One of the reasons I am learning German, is to take a vacation to Central Europe where fluency in German will be extremely helpful. Katy not only differentiates the various dialectical differences
    and slang, she also provides an enormous amount of cultural knowledge and information. While, of course, she knows Central Europe, she has lived in the US for some time and is quite familiar with
    American culture and language. This helps immeasurably, both in facilitating easy communication and learning, all while in a very stress-free environment.  Using Skype to learn languages is so
    easy!  Having already learned conversational Catalan using Skype, it was a given that I would use it for German. It's been great!

    Vielen dank, Katy!!!

  • Andy Kopra (Saturday, May 26 12 03:34 pm EDT)

    Katy was my German teacher in Berlin when I first started to study the language. I'd like to add my enthusiastic recommendation for her as a language teacher. When I was first considering taking
    German, I thought that private classes would be better for me, allowing the teacher to customize the lessons around my strengths and weaknesses. This was most definitely the case in my lessons with
    Katy, and I often feel the benefit of the foundation she created as I continue my studies.

  • Christian Hall (Friday, May 25 12 07:11 pm EDT)

    I met Katy in 2007 when I studied at Die Neue Schule in Berlin through my university. From the moment I walked into her classroom, I could tell that Katy was very in tune to the needs of each
    individual in the group (a variety of skill levels) and ready to give everyone the attention they needed to succeed. Over the next several months, I enjoyed Katy's teaching methods, which were both
    rigorous and enjoyable. Though the material was difficult at times, she instructed in a way that made sense and would take the time to ensure that each student had grasped the lesson before moving
    on. During those months I went from a very shaky beginner to someone who was very comfortable communicating in German on a day-to-day basis while living in Berlin. Katy is a fantastic instructor and
    has my wholehearted recommendation to anyone who is considering broadening their linguistic horizons. She is a talented professional with the skill and the patience to teach foreign languages
    effectively, and I feel privileged to have studied under her.

  • Alain C Mendy (Wednesday, May 23 12 06:31 pm EDT)

    I am so grateful to you Katy! As I came to Germany without a low level of understanding of a the german language as a french speaker. My colleagues are really suprised when i am writing oder
    speaking. Hey Katy, you have worked for me. Thanks.

  • Nick Anderson (Wednesday, May 23 12 09:39 am EDT)

    When I began taking private classes with Katy I was somewhat disenchanted with the teaching at the language schools I had been attending in Berlin. I had, I felt, ceased making progress. I still
    struggled to follow relatively simple conversations among native speakers. I had a nagging suspicion that conversation practice in class was reinforcing my own and my classmates' mistakes. I also
    wanted to focus on subjects that interested me and, in particular, to stretch myself a little by reading some German literature. Katy patiently and expertly worked on my conversation skills, helping
    me build the active vocabulary which I lacked. She also took considerable pains to identify and correct errors in grammar and syntax, setting me written exercises as homework to reinforce her
    explanations in class. Furthermore, we read and discussed a number of quite demanding texts, including short stories by Kafka and Thomas Mann. At a certain point I not only realized that I had made
    good progress under her tutelage, but I also felt brave enough to enrol for the Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom, one of the toughest German language exams. I sat the exam a few weeks after Katy had
    departed for the U.S.A. and, I'm pleased to report, passed. I can warmly recommend Katy as a German teacher.

  • Maureen Speir (Tuesday, May 22 12 04:19 pm EDT)

    I took classes at die Neue Schule in Berlin in 2010 and was lucky to have Katy as my teacher. The classes were fun and relaxed which is great when learning a new language, no embarrassment over
    mispronounced words! I didn't really like the workbooks used by die Neue Schule but Katy used a lot of practise material and exercises that she'd sourced herself which helped a great deal, especially
    with the trickier aspects of German grammar! Katy followed a structured course but was happy to stray from it when necessary eg to allow conversations and discussions. For me, that was the best thing
    about the class, the discussions, and that Katy encouraged us to talk, to practise our conversational German. Because she has lived in the US, Katy understands the common mistakes that English
    speakers make when learning German and, therefore, can clearly explain the corrections.
    I'd encourage anyone to go to Katy to learn a language. She's friendly, patient and calm, an excellent teacher!

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