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A few more dresses

Another Arwen-Dress that has been finished since this pic was taken. It is being reworked right now. The lovely neckline/sleeve decoration was embroidered by me. Sitting in the sun-shine in California (at the pool) made it a lot easier.
I used the trim of an indian table runner to recreate these decorations. There was only a basic flower pattern on it and I had to apply the rest. This dress is not finished. Check out the vines on the sleeve decoration (dark round beads)

Another dress in black and red, inspired by Arwen in "The Return of the King"

This is one of Arwen´s dresses from "The Return of the King". It´s also a two part dress. Outer and under dress made of silk velvet. The underdress has been reworked once. The first one was made of Habotai silk.
This is a good example for two layers of silk velvet on top of each other and they look good together. The sleeves are bag lined by hand and the fabrics were purchased already dyed. The trim was heavily aged and overdyed many times. Now it looks corroded.
The dress is a vibrant dark red. These pics look a little "washed-out".
I simply love the colours of this dress. You can see the antiqued trim. The trim of the underdress was mounted on a cut to shape piece of the paisley fabric that had been used for the sleeves. The neckline was then mounted onto the underdress.
Sleeve detail. The heavy velvet underdress can now support the weight of the sleeves without pulling sideways around the shoulders.
...and the trim. The whole dress is washable, The fabric was pre-shrunk before cutting.
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