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I love sewing, specifically recreating costumes from movies: Star Wars, Ep. 2

Here you can see the back view of the skirt, the neckpiece and the corset. The corset was purchased. The skirt fabric is some sari fabric that I found in Paris. It´s silver with a lacy, geometric pattern and sequined,
This dress was inspired by the movie series Star Wars. It consists of several parts: one corset, made of leather, a neckpiece, a feather cape, a skirt and leather gauntlets
This is a close up of the neckpiece. It´s a choker with the medallion and 4 separate velvet tubes. Only part of the pattern on the medallion is somewhat like in Star Wars, Episode 2. The rest I had to design myself. Glass beads all over.
Close up of feather cape. Cock tail feathers were sewn on a velvet band and then applied to a velvet cape in four rows. I´ll have to get a better pic.
Here we can see the complete costume including the cape made of green-black cock tail feathers
Close- up of the medallion. I designed the pattern and transferred it onto paper and from there onto black velvet. All beads are applied to the fabric with heavy duty thread specifically for beading. The piece was then mounted on leather (for stability).
The skirt fabric is a lacy sequined fabric in silver with geometric pattern. For a second version I am thinking of reversing this fabric, dyeing it black and then combining it with a light silver underlayer, like the original costume
The feathers had to be washed with baby-shampoo and then air dryed on the window sill. I then sewed them on a velvet band and applied four rows onto the cape, carefully matching the length of the feathers.
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