Hartmann Language School German classes and Spanish classes in London, Islington
  Hartmann Language SchoolGerman classes and Spanish classes in London,Islington  

In High school it was pretty obvious that I had a talent for studying languages and so I started out with English, Latin and French. Later at University (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany) I continued studying languages. This time I chose Spanish and Italian and some course work in English.

However, it wasn´t until completing my studies of Spanish Literature in Spain (Universidad de la Merced, Murcia), that I found out that I have a passion for teaching the languages I like so much.

After earning my M.A. degree in Göttingen (Germany), majoring in Spanish, Italian and Education Science, I went to Munich (Germany) to work at the Goethe- Institut.

While I was enjoying my work there as an Assistant Librarian, I completed a correspondence Course on "Didactics of Teaching German to Foreigners", endorsed by the Goethe-Institut.

Later I worked for the Inlingua-International School of Languages in San Diego, California and Die Neue Schule in Berlin, Germany, teaching German in corporate settings, big groups (up to 12 people) and to individual customers.

In October 2010 I started my own small language school in Berlin, Sprachatelier-Hartmann, teaching exclusively individual professional customers. 

In this private setting almost everything is possible: Literature, University entrance exam preparation, Linguistics, Beginner´s classes and last but not least classes with special focus on actually being able to speak and putting into practice, what you have just studied.

I have also always enjoyed translating. I am proficient in translating documents and literature.

The following combinations are possible.









Katy Hartmann, M.A. in Spanish/Italian Linguistics/Literature and Education Science.

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