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"Game of Thrones": Sansa Stark, season 5 and Melisandre, season 5/6


I have recently added a few more costumes from the HBO-series "Game of Thrones" to my wardrobe. The challenge was- and still is- to use up everything in my fabric stash without buying new fabrics. So, two costumes have been completed and a third one is almost finished.

This dress is made of silk: silk doupioni for the upper layer and silk charmeuse for the "lining". Actually, these are two dresses on top of each other. I made the feather trim myself and hand stitched it to the dress. The sleeves also feature several rows of feather trim.

The feather- collar was cut out of fake suede and fitted to my shoulders and neck. I then proceeded to glue on the feathers with fabric glue. The necklace was made of sculpy and a chain, bought at Joann´s. The needle is also made from sculpy and was attached to the chain with a key ring.

The feathered collar . The upper part of the back of the dress should also be covered with feather trim. So far, I have not yet managed to find the time to sew on more trim.

Front view of the chest-section. One problem with feather trims: I lose feathers everywhere I go. I will have to replace the trims pretty soon. 

The upper layer of the dress is split in the middle, revealing the dark burgundy underskirt. This dress was meant to be black, but the fabric strictly refused to "take the black". I ended up with this gorgeous dark eggplant/dark burgundy esemble.



Melisandre, The Red Priestess of Asshai, season 5 and 6: 

This dress was mainly made from Ikea-drapes, which are-unfortunately- made of Polyester. They did not even take Polyester- dye. They did not take anything.

So, I ended up with a bright-red, wrap -around Melisandre-gown, that I completely lined in silk.


This is how the project started out: Polyester pinned onto a dress form. The sleeves are missing and would take up 3 or 4 more yards of fabric. The sleeve lining is a dark red/brown Habotai-silk. The entire sleeves are lined with silk, all hand stitched.

The necklace: ...was made by tracing a self-drawn pattern with a hot glue gun. This stuff is awesome.

I then painted the "jewelry" with golden acrylic paint. It took 5-6 coats of paint to hide the plastic completely. The red "stone" is a resin bead that I found at Joann´s. The "stone" was simply glued to the necklace and stayed put for 12 hours and longer. It just recently came off, but I could simply glue it back on. 

The wig: I used a custom-made full lace wig, made of real hair, dyed a dark auburn to match Melisandre´s hair color AND to be used with other future costumes.

Glueing wigs onto your head is a pain in the butt. It took me 2 hours to finish the "styling". The wig gets attached to the head with little "clip-combs", that are inside the wig. They hold on to your hair. 

The hairline is glued down with latex-based glue, that only comes off with alcohol.

I ended up with glue in my own hair that only came out by massaging in a super fatty cream from Germany. 

After working it in for 10 minutes I could pull out the glue-globs. I did not lose any of my own hair, fortunately.

I am currently investigating other methods, that are less painful.

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